Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

As we all hunker down and practice our social distancing, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to not move into social isolation. One of the great things that makes you and I the church is our love and the connections we have with one another.

Thankfully, we have access to some incredible technology that allows us to stay connected until we’re able to meet again in person.

Below is a short video that can help you and your family stay connected to your Point Church family during this season. We’d love for you to take a couple of minutes to watch the video, and then get ready to join us this weekend.

Point Church Online

These circumstances may cause us to not be able to meet in person like normal, but our teams have been hard at work to provide online opportunities for you, your kids and your students to stay engaged and learning about their faith.  You can find more about what we are offering below. 

Updates with our POINT CARE CENTER

We are doing something special called “Big Serve – Rapid Response” over the next couple of weeks. Our community is going through an unprecedented time of crisis and we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have come up with a Rapid Response Plan to empower you to help meet the needs of our community. In addition to our 3 weekly care pantries at Apex, Cary & South Raleigh, we are adding three additional weekly care pantries at Chapel Hill, Holly Springs & North Raleigh. We are also hosting 66 neighborhood food drives to make sure we have enough hand out and we need your help! Feel free to sign up for more than one volunteer opportunity!

Operations for our Point Care Pantries will continue during the Stay at Home Order and you will still be allowed to volunteer.  Food Pantries fall in the same category as grocery stores and are considered essential operations during this time of crisis. Therefore, we are committed to keeping our Care Pantries open during this season, while doing everything we can to keep both volunteers and guests safe through practicing social distancing among other precautions.  All 6 of our Care Pantries will operate a drive-through system where pantry guests stay in their cars and make no physical contact with volunteers.

We ARE encouraging you to do a few things: 

1. Don’t stop attending your Life Group. It is not good to be alone. Meet online using online video options like Google Hangouts or Zoom.


2. Serve our community  through the Point Care Center. We are committed to being the church by keeping our Care Centers open no matter what to feed and clothe those who will be in increasing financial need around the Triangle. We are also already exploring additional ways to serve our community over the next few weeks.


3. Support your church family through setting up recurring online giving at  We don’t know how long this will last and we need your support more than ever before.


4. Pray! We believe in the power of prayer. Pray by yourself, with your family and with your Life Group for God to turn the tide of this pandemic and allow us to shine the light of Christ in our communities.

Thank you for your understanding as things continue to change. We are committed to offering everyone who calls Point Church home and even those who don’t the opportunity to still worship and hear the word of God. God is bigger than anything we will come against in the days to come. Let his peace guard your heart.

Additional Changes and Updates from Point Church

Special Sermon:
We recognize that we find ourselves in a unique once in a lifetime situation. As followers of Jesus we need to hear from the scriptures how we can have peace that surpasses understanding in the midst of very uncertain circumstances. We also need to hear from the scripture how to be light in our community that is experiencing increasing levels of fear and even panic. Therefore, we feel strongly led to share a special message of how the people of God can have peace and be light in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Watch our ‘What in the World’ sermon online.


All Point Church group meetings will need to be held virtually. Zoom and Google Hangout are excellent options for Life Group, Core Group and work meetings.


Worship Services:
Staff will continue necessary operations required for recording, editing and streaming our worship services for our community. Streaming church services is an essential way to bring the light of Christ to our community during this time of crisis. The following article from Christianity Today details why religious service streaming is an essential function during a shelter in place order: Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today, “Can you livestream from your church in locked down location


Canceled Events:
Here is a list of church events that have been canceled or postponed during the next few weeks:

  • Level 1 Mission Trip to Western Harnett County
  • Winter Jam Concert for Student Point
  • Upper Elementary Reach Event at Jumpstreet
  • West Wake Prayer Night (postponed)


Use your best judgement:
We recognize that every individual’s circumstances are unique and we want to encourage you to use your own best judgement over the next couple of weeks. We encourage those at high risk of severe illness to take special precautions for your health.

“NC DHHS recommends that people at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should stay at home to the extent possible to decrease the chance of infection. People at high risk include people over 65 years of age, or with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes, or with weakened immune systems.”

Even if you are not at high risk, we want to stress the importance of anyone who is exhibiting any symptoms of sickness to stay home and join us online.


Continue to give:
You can help make sure we are able to minister well to those within our church family and our community during this season by giving online. You can set up a recurring online gift through the Point Church app or online at


Salt and Light:
I want to give you some real ways that we as the church of Jesus can pray during these uncertain time:

  • Plead with God to turn the tide of this growing outbreak, not only in the Triangle, but around the world.
  • Pray for medical professionals and officials to be given supernatural wisdom to know how to treat and stop the spread of this outbreak.
  • Pray for local churches to be beacons of hope to our world and for God to use them to share the love of Christ in a compelling way.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Phillipians 4:6-7

We are in regular communication with the leadership of numerous other Triangle churches and the above guidelines are consistent with the plans of most of our sister churches in the area. 

Thank you for your adaptability as we adjust to the ever changing circumstances we are facing.