Welcome to Point Church in Cary, NC

As you are looking for churches in Cary, NC, know that at Point Church Cary, we desire for people to experience the presence of God. Our mission is to point people to Jesus. We are passionate worshippers, and believe in the power of prayer. This is a church near you where you don’t have to pretend to be perfect.
We thrive in community and relationships and believe church is a family.
We believe the Bible is God’s Word, and teach it energetically.
We love to worship passionately and each week we are taught the truths of the Bible that you can apply to your everyday life.


9:30 & 11AM

CARY, NC 27511


9:30AM & 11AM



Life is not meant to be gone through alone. Life Groups are groups of people who meet in homes all across the Triangle and do Life Together. Find a Life Group near you and get plugged in.


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Each week our dynamic local pastors teach the truths of the Bible in a compelling and meaningful way you can apply to your life.


At Point Church Cary, you’ll find live teaching every Sunday, expressive worship, and a place to find community near you.

Before you visit, we want you to know that you don’t have to dress up, pretend to be perfect, or worry about your past.

We just want you to experience Jesus.

1503 Walnut Street, Cary, NC 27511

When do I get there?

It’s always a good idea to arrive 15 minutes early to find a parking spot in the front office parking lot, get some coffee, check your kids into Kid Point, and find a seat.

Where do I park?

If it’s your first time with us just look for the “First Time Visitor” cones on your left as you pull into the parking lot. Those spots are reserved for you.

What should I wear?

You’re invited to come as you are, whether it’s a suit or shorts you feel most comfortable wearing. We tend to dress pretty casual.

What do you have for my kids?

Kid Point is a worship experience for kids infant-5th grade. We offer a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for your kids to learn about Jesus. For more information, check out pointchurch.com/kids.

What do you have for my students?

Student Point is our program for Middle and High School students ages 12-18. Student Point meets Sunday evenings from 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. For more information, click the link below.

THE STAFF @ Point Church Cary


Cary Campus Pastor

Matthew is a graduate of NCSU, father of 2 boys, and happily married to his wife of 15 years! He went to NC State for Business with a Concentration in Finance, but knew he was called to ministry since summer camp at age 17. While he was in college, he interned at Apex Baptist Church in youth ministry with Chuck Thompson, one of our Point Church elders, being the Youth Pastor at the time. He then went on to complete his Masters of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, became part of the original launch team of Point Church, and now serves as Campus Pastor of Point Church Cary. He is a book nerd, self-proclaimed cinephile, and loves sports. More specifically, he loves NC State, the Braves, and the Steelers, but he loves to watch his boys play sports too! He and his wife met at a Campus Crusade Halloween dance party, started dating 5 months later, and got married 3 and a half years later in 2007. They have 2 boys, Luke (11)  and Levi (8). Matthew’s heart behind his ministry is to simply see people’s lives change by Jesus. He’s been with Point Church since day one as part of the original staff team that planting Point Church in September of 2010. He’s an enneagram 2 wing 3, but doesn’t believe it, loves the show Breaking Bad, and has a fear of cockroaches. His most used emojis are:  👍🤦🏻‍♂️🔥


Executive Pastor

Jeremy is a dad of 2 and has been involved in ministry since graduating from Ozark Christian College with a degree in preaching. He started working in ministry as Send Pastor at Starting Point Church back in the early years of Point Church! Outside of church, he loves to hang out with his kids, run, and read books. His heart behind ministry is for people to experience the life changing love of Jesus. He and his wife have known each other since their were kids and his earliest memory of her is playing basketball against each other while in elementary school. He has been at Point Church since 2011 and now serves as the Executive Pastor of Point Church Cary. Jeremy is an enneagram 5, loves to watch MasterChef, and has a fear of going to the dentist. Jeremy’s most used emojis are: 😂👍🤷🏻‍♂️

David O'Neal

Worship Minister

David is a soon to be dad, a former Engagement and Project Manager with a marketing tech company called Zift Solutions and now serves as our Worship Minister at Point Church Cary! In his free time, he fills it almost completely with music. A songwriter and artist under the name .dave (check him out on Spotify) and is finishing up his first full-length album called “sadraps.” With whatever time is left, he’s reading comics. His heart behind worship ministry is to simply cultivate an environment for people to experience God through worship. He met his wife when he was 3 years old. Their fathers were in ministry together in their childhood and they reconnected in their early 20s and been together ever since. They’ve called Point Church home since 2018. He’s an enneagram 4 through and through, favorite show is Naruto, and has a fear of Moray Eels. David’s most used emojis are: 😂🔥💀

Kelly Wick

Student Point Minister

Kelly is a graduate of Liberty University with a BS in Business Marketing. She serves as our Student Point Minister at Point Church Cary and also works in the Provost’s Office at NC State University as Chief of Staff and Director of Projects and Planning. In her free time she enjoys watching TV, spending time with friends and her youth. Kelly has been at Point Church from the beginning and her heart behind her ministry is to mentor the youth and disciple them and help them build the best Christian foundation in their walk and relationship with Jesus as possible. She says “They are so much fun and restore my energy from my other job!” Her favorite show is Friends and has a fear of lightning. Kelly’s most used emojis are: 🙄🤦‍♀️🤪

Parker Cross

Student Point Intern

Parker is a graduate of App State and NC State with a degree in Business Management. He’s happily married to his gorgeous wife, Carlea, and a dog dad to 2 beagles, and they love to go on walks and hikes together in their free time. He met Carlea at a bus stop after accounting class in Boone, he says “I just decided to talk to the beautiful girl who sat in my class who was by chance standing next to me waiting for the bus.” In his free time, you’ll find him reading a good book or watching Hunter x Hunter, but he enjoys being with the kids of Student Point. He loves providing our students with a Biblical, consistent, positive, and joyful influence as he received when he was their age. He’s been coming to Point Church since September 2021. He’s an enneagram 1, has a fear of getting his fingers stuck in the bowling ball when he bowls, and his favorite emoji’s are: 🤙🏻😏🤦


Kid Point Minister

Elizabeth is a former teacher, mom of two girls and although she never expected to find herself in ministry, she serves as our Kid Point Minister at Point Church Cary! That’s the beautiful mystery of following Jesus! She attended Campbell University for her Undergraduate degrees in Education, and then UNC Chapel Hill for Graduate School. Her heart behind Kids Ministry is to show our kids a glimpse of the magnitude of God’s love. She met her Pacific Northwest husband on a blind date in 2015. Point Church has been her family’s home since 2016. She’s an enneagram 1 through and through, mama bear and strong advocate for ALL kids, can quote every Office episode and is terrified of chickens. Elizabeth’s most used emojis are: 😅🤪🥰

Kyle Schmidt

Assistant Kid Point Director

Kyle is a graduate of Heidelberg University with a double major of Business Administration and Media Management. He now works as an elementary school Physical Education Teacher in Morrisville as well as Assistant Kid Point Director at Point Church! In his free time, he enjoys spending time with is wife and kids, watching movies, and playing video games! His heart for ministry is fueled by his passion for teaching and educating students. “Being able to help shepherd the children of Kid Point, not only allows me to grow spiritually, but I love the opportunity to walk alongside our students as their faith grows.” Kyle has been attending Point Church since July of 2021. He’s an enneagram 5, loves The Mandalorian and Cleveland Browns Football, and is terrified of animals that aren’t house pets and speaking to a large room of adults. Kyle’s most used emoji’s are: 😂😬😳


Communications Director

Cheryl knew she was called to ministry from age 17, but went to Meredith College for Interior Design. She quickly switched colleges and graduated from Rhema Bible Training College with a focus in Pastoral Leadership and Worship Ministry. She served as a Worship Pastor for 7 years at another local church and now serves as our Communications Director at Point Church Cary. In her free time, she loves to cook, binge a funny show, and hangout with her friends. Cheryl’s heart behind her ministry is to help people become more aware of God’s presence all around us. “He’s more real and more present than we realize, we’re just often too busy to see it.” She’s been with Point Church since July 2021 and loves the worship culture here. She’s an enneagram 1, has a fear of being tickled to death, and is currently binging Brooklyn Nine Nine! Her most used emojis are: 🎉😆🤓