Central Prison

Central Prison is North Carolina’s all-male maximum security institution, housing more than 1000 inmates. We are blessed to offer three services each month, two for the general population in the prison chapel and another for those serving on ‘death row’ in a more secure venue on the property.  Worship services at the prison replicate the services at our other churches around the Triangle.  Part of our vision is to give every man, woman, and child an opportunity to experience Jesus and this is part of making that vision a reality!


Each week our dynamic local pastors teach the truths of the Bible in a compelling and meaningful way you can apply to your life.


1300 Western Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27606

1st & 2nd Sundays



Volunteers who desire to go inside of Central Prison to serve its residents must undergo training from the prison staff. This Blue Card/PREA Training is not scheduled on a regular basis, but we will post the dates and times when we are notified.

Once you go through this training there are many areas you can help us serve on Sunday mornings!  Some areas in particular need right now are instrumentalists, vocalists & AV Techs as well as greeters, encouragers and prayer warriors.  Don’t worry though, if this is something you have a passion and a heart for, we will find a place for you to be able to serve inside the walls of Central Prison!


Our prison ministry is much more than Sunday morning services at Central Prison. There are lots of ways to bless and impact the residents of the prison without going to the sites or undergoing a lot of training. Click “Download More Info on Getting Involved” below and see how you can be involved in letter writing, mentoring, praying for, visiting prison residents and more – inside and outside of the prison walls.

Please email Chuck Thompson (chuckt@pointchurch.com) for more information, to get plugged in on how to meet these needs, or to be added to our Prison Ministry Update group.