There is a reason we call these groups Life Groups instead of small groups. An average small group might get together and talk about the Bible in a comfortable setting, but not take their relationships any further. The goal of a Life Group is to literally DO LIFE TOGETHER! Below is a list of things you will see in every Life Group.

  • Eat Together – There’s something special about sharing a meal together
  • Study Together – Engaging in discussions of scripture and its application
  • Share Together – Building friendships and sharing in one another’s lives
  • Pray Together – Talking to God on behalf of those in and outside the group
  • Serve Together – Contributing our part to those in and outside the group
  • Play Together – Group should be getting together frequently for social events
  • Multiply Together – Adding people and developing new leaders to start new groups

At Point Church, we use RightNow Media for most of our Life Group curriculum. Life Group leaders are empowered to choose a video series for their group from the list of approved resources. These videos have been hand-chosen to help groups engage with Scripture in a meaningful way. Remember to set aside the first week of every month to host a Life Group social. It’s important that groups put away the curriculum and have fun together!

If you are unfamiliar with RightNow Media, please download our guide. It will give you step-by-step instructions to get you up and running. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your local pastor.

Already in a Life Group and looking for our curriculum? Visit our Life Group Curriculum.

Learn how to use RightNow Media in your Life Group

Learn how to use RightNow Media in your Life Group