Connect – Life Groups

There is a reason we call these groups Life Groups instead of small groups. An average small group might get together and talk about the Bible in a comfortable setting, but not take their relationships any further. The goal of a Life Group is to literally DO LIFE TOGETHER! Below is a list of things you will see in every Life Group.


  • Eat Together – There’s something special about sharing a meal together
  • Study Together – Engaging in discussions of scripture and its application
  • Share Together – Building friendships and sharing in one another’s lives
  • Pray Together – Talking to God on behalf of those in and outside the group
  • Serve Together – Contributing our part to those in and outside the group
  • Play Together – Group should be getting together frequently for social events
  • Multiply Together – Adding people and developing new leaders to start new groups

Already in a Life Group and looking for our curriculum? Visit our Life Group Curriculum.