Connect – Life Groups

There is a reason we call these groups Life Groups instead of small groups. An average small group might get together and talk about the Bible in a comfortable setting, but not take their relationships any further. The goal of a Life Group is to literally DO LIFE TOGETHER! Below is a list of things you will see in every Life Group.


  • Eat Together – There’s something special about sharing a meal together
  • Study Together – Engaging in discussions of scripture and its application
  • Share Together – Building friendships and sharing in one another’s lives
  • Pray Together – Talking to God on behalf of those in and outside the group
  • Serve Together – Contributing our part to those in and outside the group
  • Play Together – Group should be getting together frequently for social events
  • Multiply Together – Adding people and developing new leaders to start new groups

Find A Group

Life is Better Together.  Life Groups are all about doing Life Together. At Life Group we eat, study, share, pray, serve, play and multiply together. We have three types of Life Groups at Point Church.


1. Big Idea Groups are Life Groups that meet every week to dive deeper into the big idea of that weeks worship service.
2. Life Stage Groups are Life Groups of people in similar life stages that meet to study topics specifically relevant to their life stage.
3. Care Groups are Life Groups that meet regularly and go through studies designed to care for specific needs

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