We want to make it hard not to go to church at UNC through doing whatever it takes to point college students to Jesus. We would love to have you join us on our mission! At The Point Chapel Hill, we have the amazing opportunity to be able to partner with Campus Christian Fellowship on UNC’s Campus!  We cannot wait to see God work through this partnership so that we can provide YOU with as many opportunities as possible!  Check out our events and ministry details below.


We will always make sure that you have a ride to church!  We have a shuttle that meets in the Morrison Dorm parking lot every Sunday at 10:30.

There is a reason we call these groups Life Groups instead of small groups. An average small group might get together and talk about the Bible in a comfortable setting, but not take their relationships any further. The goal of a Life Group is to literally DO LIFE TOGETHER!

For more information email brittany.bergman92@gmail.com


Core Groups are meant to be simple yet powerful.

  • Core Groups are made up of between 2-4 people.
  • They are same gender, not co-ed.
  • There is no curriculum or workbook.
  • Three things are done during the group time:
  1. Accountability questions discussed
  2. Sharing from weekly Bible reading
  3. Prayer for those far from God

For more information email deano@pointchurch.com

For more information about Core Groups Click Here


September 24-26 we will have our Fall Retreat at Park Springs Christian Camp with other students from colleges across North Carolina. For more information click here. There are scholarships available.